Weekend Recap: Storms and Outdoor Adventures

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Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend! If you live in Eastern Oklahoma and the Tulsa area, I hope your weekend didn’t include cleaning up damage from the storms we had Thursday. Those were insane!

If you don’t live in Oklahoma, we had some crazy storms. Wednesday we were woken up around 3 in the morning to an awesome, and scary, lightening storm with sideways blowing rain and wind gusts. Then Thursday afternoon, another storm hit that knocked out power for thousands of people and left damage all across the Tulsa area. We had our neighbor’s trampoline jump the fence into our yard, and had some broken limbs off of our beloved maple tree in the front yard.





We definitely didn’t have it near as bad as others. There were broken limbs, trees completely up-rooted, and yard furniture and equipment ruined throughout Tulsa and Broken Arrow.


After spending all of Thursday night cleaning up and checking on other neighbor’s damage, we decided to have a chill night on Friday. We stayed home, watched a movie and relaxed.


Saturday, we got up early and head down to Talequah with our Life group from church to float the Illinois River. We had such a blast! We came back completely exhausted, sun-tired, and full of Sam & Ella’s pizza. If you go floating, make some time to go to Sam & Ella’s. Their pizza is so delicious and the service is phenomenal.





Sunday our and another life group decided that for our “Life Group Sunday” we should spend it seeing if others in the Broken Arrow area needed help cleaning up their damage from the storm. We found one of our member’s mother had a giant piece of tree fall on her fence and took up her entire backyard. We spent the day chainsawing, raking, and hauling away tree limbs. It was a great day spent.




We also found a little friend who was hiding in all the brush, and relocated him to a pasture with a pond.


It’s safe to say that we slept like babies after our weekend full of adventure and outdoor activities.

Tomorrow, I have an exciting launch that I’ve been working hard on for the past few months to share with you guys! I am nervous and excited and ready to launch this little project! Stay tuned for a post coming tomorrow morning!!


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