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Happy Monday! I’ve got a treat for you: two blogposts in one day! If you haven’t read my post revealing the exciting news, you can do that here!


This weekend was a rare one in our books. We normally take the weekend to veg-out and be home-bodies, but this weekend was spent out and about, and at some really fun places.


I hope you won’t mind that I’m starting the weekend recap off on Wednesday, because Caleb and I went to the Mumford and Sons concert, and it was amazing and so much fun, and I have to share!

This was our third time seeing them in concert…we’re pretty much stalking them around the US. We had ground floor tickets, which were awesome. We stayed closer to the back, because we’ve endured the pushing, being pinned against the stage, and getting beer spilled on us one too many times! ( ; And we had a great view from the back and had room to fist pump, without accidentally punching someone.


Downtown Tulsa is full of amazing murals, and this is one of them! So pretty!




I have never seen the BOK center so packed!



And then the most amazing thing happened!

At every concert, they have one or two songs that they like to do acoustic, with one mic. They try to see how quiet they can get the crowd to be while they sing these songs. Well, all of the lights went off on the main stage half-way through the night, and there was panic and confusion for a few seconds, until they appeared on a small stage in the back, RIGHT NEXT TO US! It’s safe to say we stood our ground against the mob of all the people who were in front of us the whole night.



Also, Winston has grown his hair out, and I might be jealous of how pretty it is…he must take biotin!




It was such a fun concert! If you have a chance to see them live, do it!


On Friday evening, my friends took me out for a belated birthday dinner. My birthday has been either during or days before our company summit for the last three years, so I’m normally not able to get together with friends during my actual birthday week. Well, this year it was a month after my birthday when we were able to get together, but it was so sweet of them to take me out!

We went to the Vault, which is this mid-century modern restaurant and rooftop bar that is in an old bank building. If you’re in Tulsa for the day, stop by and get lunch or dinner. You won’t be disappointed.




On Saturday, my mom, aunt, gannie and her two friends came up for a day of shopping and fun! I shuttled them around all of downtown and midtown Tulsa to some of my favorite shopping areas in the city. I’ll share these in an Adventures in Tulsa post soon!


We ate lunch on the El Guapo rooftop and took pictures with the Tulsa skyline.


Here’s another pretty mural in downtown. They need to do a scavenger hunt with how many murals you can find….hmm, maybe I’ll create one for all of my Tulsa readers!


We checked out the shops along Cherry Street. T

There’s a new Rustic Cuff!


And Nest was a must!


And we took a rest break for some gelato and iced coffee at Heirloom Baking Co.


Then we shopped Brookside and ended with some coffee and art at Shades of Brown.



We had such a fun time running around Tulsa, and still have a list of places that we didn’t get to. I see another Tulsa girls trip in the future!


If you are wanting to make a weekend trip to Tulsa, let me know! I have quite a list, and who know’s, I might volunteer to be your chauffeur! ( ;

I hope you all had a great weekend and have a good Monday!



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