Weekend Recap: Gotta Catch em All

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Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend and are as glued to the Olympics as I am! It’s been so fun to watch each evening and keep up with my favorite athletes and sports. I love beach volleyball, swimming and gymnastics, but will watch pretty much any sport. What’s your favorite sport in the Olympics?


After a week of well planned and healthy meals, we decided to go on a date night and let someone else cook out food! We went to Red Rock on the river for dinner and ate our weight in barbecue ribs, glazed carrots and sour cream red mashed potatoes! My mouth is watering from how delicious it was.




We also happen to be complete and utter nerds and the fountain right in the front was a pokestop, so as we waited for our table to be ready, we caught a fair amount of pokemon and enjoyed the warm weather. (Don’t judge us yet – keep reading…)


Saturday we woke up to a rainy day that dampened some pool plans and productivity, but it ended up being a much needed day of relaxing. This week had been a super productive and very busy week, so the rainy Saturday spent on the couch reading and watching the olympics was amazing and well deserved.


Once the sun did show it’s face, I got out with the dogs for some fresh air and exercise. I love walking our neighborhood. There’s plenty of neighbors to stop and chat with, and it’s large enough that you get a good walk in, but you also don’t get lost in the streets.


OK, so if you’re going to judge me, now is the time.


We went on a double date with some of our friends Saturday evening. We ate delicious thai food at KEO on Brookside, then…..we went pokemon hunting!!!




I have never seen so many people out walking around at night in my entire life. (I should have taken pictures) It was like there was a big invisible music festival. People had their route 66 cups, water bottles, back packs, and their whole families, out walking the parks and downtown streets. It was crazy, and super fun! We walked almost 5 miles and had a blast!




If you’re into the whole pokemon hunting thing, two words: Woodward Park.




Sunday we decided to paint our shutters. We’ve been planning on painting the outside of our house for more than a year. If you follow me on instagram, you’ll remember, we did try to paint our house last summer, and we ended up choosing colors that would have looked much better on a colonial or craftsman style house, not a tuscan/traditional house, so we went back to the drawing board and picked colors that worked well with our brick and rock.



Huge mistake! lol








I love that the pop of color gives some visual interest and makes the windows stand out more. Next Saturday we’ll be finishing up by painting the rest of the house a mocha color, which we are really excited about!


Last week we also finished a project that we’ve been working on for over a month, my standing desk!!! Here is a sneak peak. I’ll have the “how to” up on the blog later this week. Also, ignore the paint, I think I’ve narrowed it down to two grays: Tempered Gray and Repose Gray.




Have a great week!

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