Weekend Recap: Exploring Your Town

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We have lived in Bixby going on three years. My best friend lived in Tulsa from middle school to college (she still lives here) and I would come and visit frequently. Her family lived right on the edge of Bixby and I remember coming to visit her and thinking that she lived so far from the city (aka anything interesting in my high school mind), and I remember thinking that I could never live out in the “country”.


Well, our home today is just a few miles from where her parent’s home was. I definitely ate my words, but I also grew into my appreciation for small towns and escaping from the city. We love backing up to pasture and having cows come up to our fence. We love having nothing obstructing our view of the sunset every night, and we love driving from the city on two lane country roads through open pastures and fields to get home.


This weekend after dinner one night, we realized that we had never seen Bixby’s original main street. So the adventure to find it began. If you haven’t been to Bixby before, trust me, it wasn’t very hard to find, since there are basically two roads that run through Bixby. I can’t believe we had never visited it before. It is super cute and charming. It’s very similar to other town main streets, where half of the buildings are abandoned or for sale and half are now leased by law offices and other small businesses, but there were a few gems throughout, like Red Rock Market!



Main street Bixby. We drove down it, but next time we need to actually walk around instead of driving, so I can get some better shots. But isn’t it cute?




Successful day! I came away with some old books, including a vintage copy of The Great Gatsby, which is my all time favorite book!



We are LOVING the new truck!! I can’t tell you how many times both of us have used some sort of excuse to drive it somewhere! “Oh, I forgot something at the store” or “I might end up buying something, so I need the truck today”….we’re like kids with a new toy!


I told you in the last Weekend Recap post that now that we have a truck, we have a few projects that we can accomplish easier now, including redoing one of our front flowerbeds. This poor flowerbed has been neglected ever since we moved in, except for the holly bushes that I mercilessly trim throughout the summer (they are not my favorite).


So with pictures in our head of what we thought it might look like, we headed to Southwoods – the magical land of everything landscaping here in Tulsa, to get an expert’s opinion and feast our eyes on some possibilities!


This is my office window and I’m not a fan of the holly bushes taking up a third of the window and the natural light. I want more light streaming in, and would like a less obstructed view. Not to spy on my neighbors….why would you say that?… *sigh*…I’ve accepted the fact that I’m probably going to be that strange old lady that keeps an eye on the neighborhood and notifies everyone of cars I’ve never seen before or kids riding their bikes too fast.



We discussed our current flowerbed situation with one of the workers and instead of coming home with everything we needed, he advised that we get everything out of the bed before bringing anything home. So instead, we made a plan and went ahead and purchased one of the trees (a Japanese maple), so that we could swing by and pick it up later this week, after everything is out!


So here’s the plan: Please enjoy my little marker sketch. I feel like I’m back in art school: “Draw your dream house”.


Right now we have in mind a Black Crape Myrtle with White blooms, a Blue Aspen and a Japanese Maple. I have three mums that are doing really well in the bed, so I want to try and keep them for under the maple, and then get perennial flowers for pops of color!



I can’t wait to get everything out of the bed and start seeing our vision come to life, but it’s definitely going to take some time to get everything out….anyone in Tulsa have some free evenings for digging up trees and bushes?




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