Weekend Recap: Anniversary Celebration

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Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend! Since we spent last weekend celebrating a family wedding, we weren’t able to celebrate our own anniversary. So we celebrated our four years of marriage this weekend and had such a blast!


Caleb planned the whole thing and made it a surprise. Friday he called me and told me to take the dogs to the kennel and pack a bag. So he picked me up after work on Friday and we headed out! On the way to our destination, he told me what the plan was.




There is a secret restaurant in Tulsa, that doesn’t have a website or a social media account…Caleb couldn’t even find a phone numberĀ or address. So our adventure of the night was to hunt down this place for an appetizer before our dinner reservations at an Italian restaurant downtown.


We had heard some hints of where it might be from friends, so we started there, and we found it!! And what a cool place! It is built to look like an old Speakeasy from the prohibition days. Dark and moody with a piano in the bar. Tufted leather booths align the entire outside walls and face the center marble bar with brass lights and green tufted stools. A martini cart moves around the room from table to table, offering to make drinks. I kept thinking, I can’t believe the word hasn’t gotten out about this place, but am so glad that it hasn’t fully. Although it was packed inside, I think everyone was of the same mindset, that each of us wanted to keep this gem hidden and for ourselves.





We had reservations at Ti Amo for dinner. I love their Linguini Pescatore. It has shrimp, scallops, clams and lobster with pasta and veggies and garlic! Yum! After eating pasta to our heart’s content, we realized that it was Pie Night at Antoinette Baking Co – which we couldn’t pass up. So we walked over to Antoinettes, grabbed some pies and headed to our hotel for the night.




We tried a Berry chocolate pie and a butterscotch pie! They were super delicious! If you follow them on instagram or facebook, they announce each pie night.


We stayed the night at aloft in Downtown Tulsa. I didn’t know it was even there. The building had been an old office building back in the day, and you could tell by the lobby and the setup. They had gutted it, but didn’t change the layout or space besides aesthetics. It was quirky, but played into the retro/minimal vibe it has going on.





I loved all of the teal and wood accents! It was a cool hotel to stay the night in. We were a little confused that the tv was on a rotating wall right in the middle of the room, blocking the view of the skyline. But I guess they know what American’s want, right?! lol It’s in such a convenient location downtown, so if you’re looking for a hotel right by the BOK center, aloft is the one!


Saturday morning we got up, grabbed some breakfast, and headed home for a day at the pool and catching up around the house! It was such a nice relaxing getaway, and just what Caleb and I needed to reset and celebrate!



I hope you had a great weekend as well! Now onto a week that ends in a long weekend! *fist pump*

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