To those feeling helpless and burdened

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This past week has been a rough one for all of us. It’s been heartbreaking for the ones affected by all the tragedies that have taken place. It’s been so tough for those of us that feel helpless and feel like we could do so much more. It’s been tough for those of us that feel weighed down by the darkness in this world.


I wanted to post something last week, but I was so confused and numb and emotional. Now that I have some clarity and have had conversations with others, I feel like I can post something that wouldn’t be as scrambled and messy as my thoughts and feelings were last week.


In times like this, it’s easy to feel helpless and burdened, and I think that’s exactly how the evil one wants us to feel. But it’s in times like these where we need to act, we need to be a light to those who are struggling with what to think, with what to believe, with what to do. We need to encourage and show love more than ever.


I absolutely loved my friend Holly Felt’s blog post from last week: A Letter to the Optimist in Distress. It put most all of my feelings to words and it was so encouraging that another felt the same way I did. Here is a little bit of what she had to say that spoke so much to my heart!


“If you’re not smiling, who is?

If you’re not encouraging, who will be?

If you’re not praying, who’s speaking?

Do NOT let the enemy, or any enemy for that matter, blow out your candle.

It’s been lit for a reason.

No, we cannot stop corruption.

We cannot stop hate.

We cannot stop violence.

We cannot turn the lights out on our people.


We CAN pray

We CAN encourage

We CAN love all of those we encounter

You and I….we CAN do those things.”


For those that feel helpless, we can make a change. We can be a light in this world. Each of us can show love everyday. To our families and friends, to the people we pass driving to work or walking to lunch, to our waiters and waitresses, to the clerk checking us out at the grocery store, to the person behind us in the take out line, to everyone we come in contact with.


My challenge to myself and others is to show love, show understanding, and show respect, because each and every life is a precious gift from God.


If you would like to use an Instagram graphic, below is a button to download a free graphic of Psalms 34:18 for you to use.


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