July Favorites

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I’m always looking for great products and pieces that not only are well designed and pretty, but also are functional and make everyday a little easier. So today I’m starting a new monthly favorites series. Each month I’m going to share some of my favorites of the previous month with you, in the hopes that I can highlight and share some great products and companies with you!


I wouldn’t call myself an early adopter by any means, so some of the things that I highlight might be “old news”, but it will be new to me! In that case you can laugh at my behind the times moments! ( ;


Here are my favorites for July!



Photo: izze.com

This Oklahoma heat is no joke, so everything I’m highlighting is cold and refreshing. We’ve been drinking izze and fresca like they are going out of style. We really like the peach and grapefruit izze, and the citrus fresca.

Photo: dairyfoods.com

I’ve also found Goodpops, which has been a lifesaver for those hot hot days when you want something cold, but not heavy. Dairy and I have a love/hate relationship. I love it, but on occasion it hates me. Goodpops are organic and all-natural frozen Popsicles. We’ve been crushing on the cold brew coffee and strawberry ones.


To Wear


I’m not a huge nail polish wearer, because I’ve always had awful timing with it. As soon as I put polish on my fingernails I have to put jeans on, or tie shoes. If I have less than three fingers messed up after putting nail polish on, I call it a win. Lately though, I’ve been loving Essie’s colors. Essie nail polish goes on so light and smooth, that it dries faster than thicker polishes and doesn’t clump.



I’m a huge shoe lover, but ever since starting my capsule wardrobe, I’ve been trying to simplify my shoes. But for this summer I wanted to get a pair of brown sandals that I would wear all summer and would match my entire wardrobe. So I got these Franco Sarto sandals from DSW and love them! They are so comfortable and go with everything! AND they are on sale!! Go get some.




I’m currently reading 79 Short Essays on Design. I’m reading an essay or two a day to let them settle in and be able to think back on them each day. I love them! If you’re a designer or creative person, this is a good book to add to your library.


I started using my Passion Planner at the first of July and am loving it. I switched from the Day Designer, so it’s been a little bit of a change from the structure and organization of the Day Designer. One of the things I love about the Passion Planner is the notes section. I sketch and take notes for the week, and plan out different things in that section. I also love the blank sheets at the very back and it’s been nice to use it as an all-in-one planner/journal/sketchbook.




Well, the Bachelorette just ended this Monday *tear* #teamluke. So now I’ve got to find a new show. I loved this past season and how hilarious and cute Jo Jo is!



I’m also obsessed with Tiny House Hunters on hgtv! Has anyone watched it and thought for a second “I could totally live in a tiny house”….and then you start looking at all the stuff and furniture you have!?! How do those people do it? I’m too much of a collector.



What are some things that you are loving this July?

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