Capsule Wardrobe – Pt 1: Discover Your Why

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I’m sure some of you have at least heard the term Capsule Wardrobe. It’s been floating around on pinterest and in the blog world lately, but some of you may have never heard of it and are not sure exactly what it is. That was me just six months ago, so don’t worry. All I can say is that once you have done it, you will never go back to your old closet ever again. I’m super excited to share this with you guys because it is a game changer!

We are going to do this in three sections, so that I don’t bombard you with rules and advice right off the bat! I’ve positioned these posts before the weekend, so that if you would like to try it, you’ll have the whole weekend and can share your experience with the rest of us on Monday with our Part 3 post.

Here are the sections:

  • What is a capsule wardrobe and Discovering Your Why: What we are talking about today
  • Steps to a Capsule Wardrobe: I’ll walk through the steps with you guys and share some advice from my own experience
  • Fall Capsule Outfits: I’ll share my Fall Capsule Outfits with you guys and look forward to hearing about your experiences


What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is simplifying your closet for clarity, peace and ease in getting dressed every day.

How do you do it?

By paring down your clothes to a certain amount of items (normally between 30-40) during a three month period so that you can use your energy in other ways. It increases clarity, encourages creativity and leaves you with the clothes that you feel your best in.

Here is the story of how I learned and began practicing a capsule wardrobe. I was chatting with a friend back in March about feeling very bored with my current wardrobe, and after talking about it she brought up the idea of a capsule wardrobe that she had heard about recently. I had never heard of anything like it before, but was curious about the concept, even though my mind immediately went to my current closet situation and I freaked out a bit.


After that talk, something else popped up about a capsule wardrobe, so I decided to go in with an open mind and started doing some research. The more I read about it, the more I loved it. It promised clarity, energy, creativity, and simplicity – all the things I was wanting! It was a common occurrence that I would stand in my closet for minutes, whining to Caleb and anyone else that might be interested that I had NOTHING to wear. That I needed a whole new wardrobe and that “insert friend’s name” had cuter clothes than me and probably finds exactly what she wants to wear in seconds. (I know, it was bad!)

I never realized how much energy and time this was taking up. I was spending so much energy digging through my closet, trying 20 different things on, finally deciding on something, and making a list of all the things that I HAD to get on my next shopping trip, that when I got home from a long day at work I didn’t have the energy to make decisions. I was exhausted before I even started my day.

So in May, I decided that enough was enough, and I did my first round or purging (remember the closet picture…that was not an exaggeration, there was more than one round of purging) But a little background – I am definitely a cautious “adopter” of new concepts. I’m the person who has probably heard about a product or idea before it comes out, but will wait until a friend talks so much about it that it makes me curious and/or more trustworthy; or I do enough research on my own that I come to the same conclusion. I’m an “ease into it” kind of person. I don’t normally start something cold turkey or quit something cold turkey, just because I know myself and know that I wouldn’t be able to sustain a habit or activity like that long term.

So knowing myself, I eased into the capsule wardrobe for the summer, keeping the rules for myself very flexible, and then I got a little bit more comfortable my second go around with my fall capsule and introduced a few of the rules that I hadn’t used the first go around.


All in all I absolutely love it! I feel much more energized waking up and knowing that I can pick out an outfit in a matter of minutes now, and know that it’s going to be something that I feel great in. And it is SO much easier to pack for trips, because I only have my 40-ish items to choose from. (I have been known to be a notoriously horrible packer)

If your routine sounds a lot like mine did and you are thinking that this might be something you need, great! You have discovered your why. But if you need some convincing or help discovering your why, here are some reasons to do a capsule wardrobe.

depressed young girl does not know what to wear

You might need to experience a capsule wardrobe if…

  1. Your closet is crammed packed
  2. There are items in your closet that you know you haven’t worn in years
  3. You don’t know your own personal style
  4. You feel like you waste energy and time picking out your outfit each day
  5. You feel bored with your clothes
  6. You have a habit of emotional shopping (shopping to relieve stress or shopping when you are upset to make you happy)
  7. You are holding onto clothes that you don’t like, but that were gifts or emotional purchases
  8. You want simplicity in your closet but don’t know where to start
  9. You want to be more intentional with your energy
  10. You want to wear clothes that make you feel great every day

Think about your daily routine, especially how you pick your outfits. If any of these things describe you, you should consider trying a capsule wardrobe this weekend. If you are too busy with the holidays right now, start the new year out with one. What better way to start off the holidays or new year than with simplicity and clarity by cutting away some of the minor decisions you make every day.

Tomorrow we are going to go through the steps of how to actually do a capsule wardrobe and I’ll share some advice from my own personal experience.

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