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Have you ever planned a trip using travel websites and ended up at every tourist attraction¬†known to man? I’m not saying touristy locations are bad, but a lot of them come with a side of lines, long waits, and wasted time.


I used to be the ultimate tourist in each visited city. I had my list of “the top 10 things to see/do/look at”, with my map and guidebook ready to go. But that has changed. Now I want to visit a new city and experience it¬†like a local. I want to explore the nooks and crannies, the hole in the wall places, and especially the local recommendations.


Since we moved to Tulsa, we have friends and family constantly asking us where to go, where to eat, and what they should do for fun. Well, wait no longer because guys, I am so excited to launch the Tulsa Weekend Guidebook!!!



It’s a downloadable pdf that you can either print off at home, or save to your iBooks on your phone or iPad for your next trip to Tulsa!


It includes a 3-day weekend itinerary just in time for Memorial Day weekend, that fits everyone in your group, from the shopper, foodie, outdoorsman, and history lover. It also includes our favorite Tulsa museums, districts, activities, restaurants, and most importantly coffee shops! I’ve included some Tulsa fun facts, tips, and upcoming events, and much more!


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