Adventures in Tulsa: Jenkins and Co & Retro Den

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This weekend, I decided to branch out and explore a few stores that I’ve had my eyes on for awhile.


A few months ago, I happened upon Jenkins and Co on instagram and as soon as I saw their feed, I knew I would be in big financial trouble if I stepped into their store. Their feed is not only filled with beautiful products, but also many that caught my eye immediately. Well, I was chatting with my neighbor a week ago, and she mentioned that a good friend of hers had opened a store called Jenkins and Co. So I decided to check it out over the weekend, and it did not disappoint.


The store is on 11th street between Quaker and Quincy. The location is gorgeous. Three out of the 4 walls are solid glass, so the natural light is out of this world. The owner has curated some fantastic and beautiful pieces from artists throughout the united states.


If the logo is good, I’m bound to love the store and that was definitely the case with Jenkins and Co! ( ;


She has such a unique array of cloth napkins, baskets, and paper goods! I loved some of the cards that they had and definitely want to go back for some of the kitchen pieces.


Those windows!!!



I mean, come on! That natural light is just gorgeous!


We also fell in love with these chairs right outside!

I will definitely be back! I have my eye on some planters and fun trinkets! If you’re in the area, check it out!


I ended up with this delicious smelling candle by Laurel Canyon, and this black hand made mug, that holds an insane amount of coffee! Just what we all need! ( :



I hadn’t been to Retro Den in over a year, so we decided to check out their collection as well.

It’s located on Harvard between 12th and 13th. You aren’t likely to miss their adorable minty blue building.


They have an amazing collection of vintage, antique, and mid century furniture, lighting and decor. They work with a ton of different artists that redo the furniture, make paper goods, or bring in succulents.


They also  have an awesome collection of rugs!




A cool feature of their store is that they have a succulent and air plant bar! You can go throughout the store and pick a vase or bowl for your succulents, and the same thing with the air plant. They had a variety of hanging planters, sea shells, rocks and small vases for your air plant to live. Super cute!

I walked away with a milk glass, but have my eye on some of their metal and wooden letters!


If you’re in Tulsa, be a local lover and check both of these stores out.

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